Kathie Cox Sculpture

About Kathie

Kathie Cox's sculpture reflects her lifelong interest in the flora and fauna of the natural world.  She began her expression of this interest as a nature and wildlife photographer. In 1994 Kathie made the transition from the two dimensional photographs to a three dimensional celebration of life showing whimsy and grace.  Kathie studied sculpture in New York. While studying at the Manhattan Sculpture Center, she found her mentor, sculptor Judith Weller, who has this to say about Kathie and her work:

"Kathie is a remarkable woman whose love of nature took her to the far reaches of the earth to study and photograph wildlife in its natural setting. Her sculptures of animals show a keen sense of observation and empathy for the subject. Her portraits of children capture the innocence, curiosity and vitality of childhood. She is inspired by nature in all its forms.  I have seen the exquisitely beautiful and lyrical flowers she sculpted for a pond. She is a versatile artist whose work is beautiful, not sentimental."

Kathie and her husband live on a ranch near Athens, Texas.  She enjoys her horses, dogs, cats, and a pig named "Bud."  She works out of her studio on the ranch.



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